Time for a new social media profile image for work

E & H Baxendale Ltd - new social media profile image
E & H Baxendale Ltd - old profile image

Today we updated our social media profile image, you can check it out in place on our Google+ page, Twitter stream, Facebook page and our Flickr photostream.

As you can see our old profile image was just our long rectangular logo (truss, joist and name) squashed and stretched to the specific sizes of each social media services profiles, which I think you will agree made for a cluttered image that didn't look great; so we were overdue for creating something much cleaner and better designed for the squarer proportions of social media profile images.

The new profile image is formed using the initials of our founders first names, Ernie and Harold, positioned so they touch forming a corner giving some perspective to the image and pointing to our founders surname positioned beneath and sized so it spans the full width of the initials E and H. As for colour, we chose to keep to our Bax blue roots and opted for a single colour logo which can be blue when used on a light background and white when used on a dark background.

Does this mean we will be ditching our existing truss, joist and name logo? In the short term no; we haven't made any decisions just yet and our existing logo is on our delivery vehicle, building signage, truss and joist production labels and most of our paperwork so would take time to change anyway.

Originally posted on November 23rd 2012 at http://www.eandhbaxendale.com/blog/new-social-media-profile-image/